The Guide: Eyelash Extension Kit


Being an eyelash technician I have been able to create the perfect range of products for lash extensions at home. These have been tried and tested by me. The clusters have been carefully designed to mimic the look of classic, hybrid and Russian eyelash extension. I have put together a simple Gide to help you apply, remove and maintain your at home lash extension. If you have any questions or need more help feel free to message me on instagram!

How to Apply:

PREP: Ensure your natural lashes are clean and free from mascara or glue. Prepare your lashes (cut into clusters if necessary).

BOND: Apply the bond to one eye at a time (so it doesn't dry out). Concentrating the bond near the root of your lashes as this is where they will stick to. You can also apply the bond to the lash band and stack the clusters for a thicker look.

APPLY THE LASHES: Start from the outer corner and stick the clusters underneath the lashes close to the lash line. If you can feel them, your placement is incorrect; before setting, carefully remove them and reposition until comfortable. They are made to be lightweight and should not be felt at all. Repeat on the other eye.

SEAL: when happy with the placement, apply the sealer to the root of the lash clusters. Use the application tool to clamp down, locking the lashes into place. Wait until dry and go slay the day!

How to Remove: When it's time to remove them, generously coat them in remover, wait 30 seconds, and then carefully pull them away from your natural lashes. They ought to glide off without difficulty; if not, use additional remover until they do. Apply additional remover and wipe away with a cotton pad any remaining bond residue. Before putting on a fresh pair, make sure all bond has been removed and the lashes have been cleaned.

Maintenance and Tips:

- During application, use a mirror angled upwards and look down. You’ll get a better view of your eye and this will make it easier to place the lashes in the correct place (placement is crucial to making your lashes last).

- These lashes can withstand a small amount of water. Avoid thoroughly soaking them because this could weaken the bond. Avoid pulling or rubbing at your eyelashes when cleaning your face. Make sure they are immediately dried. Re-seal and clamp the lashes with the tweezers once they have dried.

- If you notice your lashes move or a cluster start to come off, use the applicatior tool to move back into place, re-seal and clamp together. Removal of a cluster and re-applying it is another way to make the set last longer.

- Clean the applicator in-between uses to remove any bond residue.Old bond can effect the new clusters and the application process.

- Avoid using oil based products around the eye area as this may loosen your lashes.

- Maintenance of the lashes is crucial to the longevity of your lashes. Avoid touching your lashes & clamp them down every night to secure.

- Clamping down is crucial; after completing your set, wait five minutes before using the applicator tool to secure your eyelashes.