The Lulubells Sponge

The Lulubells sponge has become the secret to a flawless base. Don’t just believe me when I say they have changed the makeup game forever, believe all the reviews. The sponges are made of a unique formula to create the extra soft sponge whilst being good quality and durable. The manufacturer only suppliers to a small number of businesses in the UK, making mine very special. They are latex free to ensure everyone can use them.


Sponges have always been my favourite way to apply my foundation. After many samples from different suppliers I found this sponge and could not fault it. I knew I had to share it with everyone. The original cupcake sponge came in a pack of 4. These took off quickly and the TikTok hype for sponges grew! These are round sponges and are perfect for blending. These are best used all over the face. The teardrop sponge, previously known as the luxury sponge, creates a precision tool for the face. It can be used to precisely apply products such as concealer, bronzer and powder whilst being super soft to seamlessly blend products together. The mini sponges makes the duo so special. By having a mini of the original sponge you can get into difficult areas, such as under the eyes, and make sure they are all blended out. My favourite trick I have learnt from using the duo is applying the concealer with a damp mini, then pressing the powder in with the mini teardrop sponge. This allows you to smooth out any under eye lines but not disturb the rest of your face makeup.


If you’ve tried and tested my sponge I’d love to see what you have to say! Make sure to leave me a review. Thank you.


Love Lulu xxx