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The quickest and easiest way to create eyelash extension results. For a professional application, a fraction of the cost with a beautiful finish that lasts up to 7 days. Being an eyelash technician I have been able to create the perfect range of products for lash extensions at home. 

LL08 - similar to hybrid lashes

Eyelash Clusters can be used in conjunction with other products from the Eyelash Extensions range.

C Curl Lashes - a natural curl similar to natural lashes. They can elongate the eye creating a cat/fox eye effect. Best used for almond and almond eye shapes. 

How to use:

1. Prepare your lashes (cut into clusters if necessary).

2. Apply the bond as you would apply mascara to one eye at a time, focus on the root of the lashes (so it doesn't dry out).

3. Start from the outer corner and stick the clusters underneath the lashes close to the lash line.

4. Repeat on the other eye then apply the sealer to the base of the lashes.

5. Wait until dry and go slay the day!

To remove lashes:

1. Run the remover through the lashes, using it like a mascara wand over the top and bottom. 

2. Continue until you feel the lashes come loose.

3. Gently pull or slide the lashes off your natural lashes

4. Use a cotton pad to remove the excess bond from your natural lashes.

5. Clean the clusters with lash shampoo or micellar water and store them back in the tray (if removed and cleaned correctly these can last up to 5 wears!).

Application cards come with every order. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kelsey Frampton

My absolute favourite style of lashes! From the first time I purchased the originals 10/12/14mm I’ve never looked back. Honestly they are stunning on, so fluffy and buildable! Please never get rid of this style or lengths they’re my holy grail!

Sydney Aldred

I absolutely loved the lashes need to order more once I get paid

My favourite

These are my favourite lashes. I absolutely love them. I got 11 days wear from these lashes without having to change them and they still looked perfect the day I removed them. They are amazing. I will definitely be buying these again! Thank you ❤️

Beth Lucas

Eyelash Extensions Clusters CLL08


These are like cat eye hybrids and I am OBSESSED!!!! The amount of compliments I get is ridiculous, I did manage to get about 4-5 days out of them before having to remove. The ONLY downfall I would give these lashes is they fall apart really easily so I only got about 2 uses out of them. I cleaned them like the instructions said and they still were falling apart. It’s almost like the remover dissolves them/the lash band ? I’m not sure. But apart from that, cant see myself ever not using them!!!