Eyelash Extensions Sealer
Eyelash Extensions Sealer

Eyelash Extensions Sealer

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The quickest and easiest way to create eyelash extension results. For a professional application, a fraction of the cost with a beautiful finish that lasts up to 7 days. Being an eyelash technician I have been able to create the perfect range of products for lash extensions at home. 

Use sealer in conjunction with other products from the Eyelash Extensions range. 

How to use:

1. Prepare your lashes (cut into clusters if necessary).

2. Apply the bond as you would apply mascara to one eye at a time, focus on the root of the lashes (so it doesn't dry out).

3. Start from the outer corner and stick the clusters underneath the lashes close to the lash line.

4. Repeat on the other eye then apply the sealer to the base of the lashes.

5. Wait until dry and go slay the day!


Application cards come with every order. 

Customer Reviews

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perfectt love the sealer


This sealer is gives the lash extensions an amazing finish and doesn’t leave any tackiness. Leaves you’re lashes waterproof and definitely worth the money!

Manon Libeer
good concept

love the concept, looks really pretty. perfect for side/back sleepers. it just isn’t for belly sleepers, as my outer corners got loose after one night and were completely damaged after one wear.